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35mm in medium format

Since I got my Holga many, many moons ago, I had always wanted to try shooting 35mm in a medium format camera but could never find a method which didn’t involve taping up the film counter window and guesstimating the amount of film to advance based on rotations or clicks until I came across this tutorial recently. It was ingenious and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it myself. Essentially, all you had to do was re-spool 35mm film onto a 120 roll by taping it to the backing paper. The greatest advantage of this method was you didn’t have to unload your camera in complete darkness.

Here are a couple of shots on Agfa Vista 200 and Kentmere 400 taken using the Zeiss Nettar 518/16 folder.

Ship masts on the docks
I tried to get a panorama of Tower Bridge but ended up with more sky than bridge
Under the desk at work (that clutter isn’t mine)
Thats’s better, you can actually tell that it’s Tower Bridge
I suspect curve edged buildings are quite awkward to construct
The sprocket holes and frame numbers are more obvious on paler images

One thing I’ve noticed with this is that framing can be a bit hit or miss. I ended up with many frames of just the sky with my first roll. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like blue skies as much as the next person but the photos were a bit boring. You can easily solve this by shooting a medium format SLR but they’re not exactly super cheap.

Unlike the DIY redscaled film, I can see myself using this more often.

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