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Pentax 6×7 Review

A while ago, I borrowed the Pentax 6×7 and had planned to write a review about it but never got round to it until now. I managed to put a few rolls of film through it and I’ve been impressed with the image quality. Those massive negatives are just glorious when you first pull them out of the developing tank. The Takumar 90mm lens is crazy sharp and the bokeh is buttery smooth. I can see why this camera has an almost cult-like following. Reviews on it are a dime a dozen across the web so I won’t parrot the technical specs.

The majority of people who have used this camera and it’s various iterations have commented on how it’s built like a tank and it is. It’s an absolute beast of a camera, heavy and robust. While it wins on the image and build quality front, it’s fails in ergonomics. At least for me. I have quite small hands and have found it quite awkward to shoot handheld without any additional handgrip, the shutter’s slightly awkwardly place for my finger and the film advance leaver has a fair bit of travel. All these ergonomic issues may well be moot for someone with chunkier mitts.

Would I get my own copy? Probably not. While the image quality is undeniably spectacular, the ergonomic issues are too much of a con for me.

Here are some sample shots I took on a stroll around the woods. All taken on Fomapan 100, rated at ISO 100, developed in Rodinal.

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