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Pentax ME Super Review

I seem to have a predilection for 35mm SLRs with aperture priority as their primary metering mode so when I saw a working Pentax ME Super going for a song on eBay, I couldn’t say say no.

The Olympus OM2N is the benchmark I use for all SLRs. That’s probably because it was the first one I got and it has stood the test of time. While many cameras have been brought and sold over the years, the OM2N has remained. I’ve found it to be such an awesome camera that I’ve actually got two of them, one in silver and one in black. Although I’ve pretty much found my ideal 35mm SLR, I can’t help but eye up others. Currently in my collection I have the Canon A-1, Canon AV-1, Minolta X-300 and now the Pentax ME Super. They all have their quirks, pros and cons.

Of all the SLRs, the Pentax ME Super comes closest in shooting experience to the OM2N. They both have that spongy-ish shutter release which I like, the feel of the film advance crank is quite similar as is the sound of the shutter. The main difference between the two is that in manual mode, the shutter is adjusted by buttons on the ME Super and by a rotating ring by the lens mount on the OM2N, the latter of which I prefer.

While it’s no OM2N, the ME Super is still a lot of fun to shoot with, as are all my other SLRs. I thought the OM2N was small, but the ME Super is even smaller, in fact, I think I might even prefer the way it sits in my hands just a smidge over the OM2N. Despite that, the OM2N still remains as my favourite SLR.

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